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We are a professional baroque music group formed in Bogotá in 2013, thanks to the initiative of four harpsichordists from Bogotá.

Through the participation of the vast majority of dedicated Colombian professional musicians interested in historically informed interpretation, we have managed to become a broad and flexible group that offers an interesting artistic space to promote learning, study and dissemination of music interpreted with historical criteria.

The Ensamble Barroco de Bogotá, currently directed by the French flutist resident in Bogotá Julien Faure, already constitutes an important reference in our city and in Colombia of this musical style. We permanently seek to form alliances with national and foreign groups and musicians such as Alfredo Bernardini, Adrián Chamorro, Christof Richter, Daniela Pierson, Juan Díaz de Corcuera, and soon Leila Schayegh among others, with the aim of always reaching and maintaining an international level in our productions.


One of our backbones is the formative aspect of young musicians interested in getting into the practice of early music. The Ensemble regularly invites to participate in specialized workshops and always integrates in its productions those musicians who want to take part and train through our interesting musical productions.

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Master workshops with members of the Ensemble Zefiro: Alfredo Bernardini, Paolo Grazzi, Alberto Grazzi, Francesco Corti, Paolo Zuccheri in Bogotá. 


Series of the 12 Harpsichord Concerts and String Orchestra by J. S. Bach at Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo – for the 1st time in Bogotá, under the musical direction of Adrián Chamorro. Soloists: Juan Manuel Estévez, Álvaro Huertas, Héctor Montoya, Julien Faure, Eleonora Rueda, Carmen Yepes, Jaime Quijano, Ana María Fonseca. 





X Encuentro de Música Antigua of Villa de Leyva: Tribute Concert to G. Ph. Telemann on the 250th anniversary of his death. 





The 6 Brandenburg Concerts by J. S. Bach at the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo, musical Director: Christof Richter. Soloists: Christof Richter - violin, piccolo violin; Olga Marulanda, Miriam Jorde, Laura Alvarado - oboe; Hernando Leal - traverso; Julien Faure, Leonardo Peña-Vega - recorder; Daniela Pierson, Carlos Parra, Esteban Hernández - viola; Paul Hopkins, Joel Arias - horn. Stephanie Corwin - bassoon; Esteban Escobar, Lina Manrique - viola da gamba; Julien Faure - harpsichord; Ana María Bedoya, Juan Pablo Martínez, Esteban Escobar - cello; Juan Manuel Giraldo, Carlos Felipe Vega - double bass



Septembre - October:

„Cycle of Nations“: Two introductory concerts for the Bogotá International Classical Music Festival 2021 “Bogotá is Baroque: Bach, Händel, Vivaldi”. Two virtual concerts at the Julio Mario Santo Domingo Theater in Bogotá.

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